46 Pc Multicolor Art Box Coloring Box Set


Colour Kit for Girls & Boys

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Blue, Green, Pink, Red


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  • Versatile Color Box:
    • This Color Box is a complete artistic toolkit, featuring Branded Colors renowned for their quality. It encompasses a variety of creative tools such as colored pencils, crayons, watercolors, oil pastels, and standard-sized pencils, all ensuring the Best Quality in artistic expression.
  • Easy Sharpening:
    • The set boasts standard-sized colored pencils that are not only easy to sharpen but also carry the prestige of being Branded Colors. The elegant spiral lines add sophistication while maintaining the Best Quality, contributing to the overall aesthetic appeal of the pencils.
  • Optimal Results:
    • For optimal results, the recommended surface for using these Branded Colors is drawing paper. The colors are meticulously crafted for adherence to various surfaces, including textured paper, sketching paper, and smooth tinted paper. This ensures a high level of quality in artistic output, regardless of the chosen medium.
  • Perfect for Gifting:
    • The Color Box, featuring Branded Colors, is a perfect gift option, especially for birthdays. It not only offers a diverse and vibrant palette for artistic exploration but also guarantees the Best Quality in terms of materials and presentation, making it an exquisite and thoughtful present.
  • Amazing Color Set:
    • The Color Box, known for its Branded Colors, presents an Amazing Color Set. The variety is not only visually captivating but also ensures the Best Quality pigments, providing artists with a superior range for their creative endeavors.
  • Full Color Set:
    • The set is not only about color variety but also quantity, featuring a complete spectrum of Branded Colors. With 12 color pencils, 12 wax crayons, and 12 watercolors, artists have access to a full set of Best Quality colors for a fulfilling and enriched artistic experience.
  • Additional Accessories:
    • To further elevate the artistic experience, the Color Box includes additional accessories like felt pens and other tools, all maintaining the high standard of Branded Colors and Best Quality. These accessories contribute to the overall richness of artistic expression.
  • Suitable for All:
    • Thoughtfully designed with Branded Colors, this Color Box is suitable for both boys and girls. It encourages a diverse range of young artists to explore and express their creativity with confidence, knowing they are using tools of the Best Quality in their artistic endeavors.