Princess Multi Colour 60 PCS Kit With Button Box Best Quality


Color Kit For Boys and Girls.



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  1. Comprehensive Set: The kids' painting set offers a wide array of art supplies, including 12 crayons, 12 sheets of drawing paper, 12 color powders, 9 color pencils, and 8 watercolor pens.

  2. High-Quality Materials: Crafted with the best quality materials, the set ensures vibrant colors and durable tools, providing a premium artistic experience for young creators.
  3. Variety of Mediums: The inclusion of crayons, color powders, color pencils, and watercolor pens allows kids to experiment with different artistic mediums, promoting creativity and exploration.
  4. 12 Sheets of Drawing Paper: The set comes with 12 sheets of high-quality drawing paper, providing a canvas for children to express their imaginative ideas.
  5. Brush and Palette: With a dedicated brush and palette, kids can experiment with color mixing and unleash their creativity to produce unique artwork.
  6. Essential Accessories: The set includes essential accessories like a clip, eraser, sharpener, sponge, and glue, ensuring precision, cleanliness, and versatility in the creative process.
  7. Organizational Button Box: Designed for easy storage, the Button Box keeps all the art supplies neatly organized. This feature makes it convenient for kids to access their tools and encourages them to maintain a tidy creative space.
  8. Educational Value: The diverse range of art supplies not only sparks creativity but also contributes to educational development. Children can enhance fine motor skills, cognitive abilities, and learn about color combinations through hands-on artistic exploration.
  9. Safe and Non-Toxic: The materials in the set are carefully chosen to be safe for children, ensuring a worry-free creative experience. The non-toxic colors and materials meet safety standards, providing peace of mind for parents.
  10. Versatile Use: Tailored for both budding artists and hobbyists, this painting set accommodates various skill levels, making it suitable for children with different levels of artistic experience.